Bathroom Conversions

Having a bathtub is not always for every home. Som suffers from it because it makes the space cramped and due to it, cleaning even becomes a problem. Bathroom conversions have become popular due to this. The demand of many homeowners to have a more spacious area to relax and release is high when changing that bathtub that is seldom used to a shower instead.   

1. Tub to Shower  

The best way to save space is to get rid of the tub that is seldom used. The tub can take so much space in a bathroom, and if you have a big family that wants to get into the morning rush, you may be sharing the bathroom with your kids and trying to fit into the bathroom to brush your teeth while the other one is taking a shower. Having a cramped space due to the tub will be annoying in the rush hour of the morning and cause some bruises here and there from bumping into things in the bathroom.   

2. Think about the future through  

When selling your home in the future comes into your mind, it may be challenging to decide if you should get rid of the bathroom tub or not. The usual criteria in buying homes almost always include a bathtub. However, if it means having it and trading with a cramped look, you may need to think it over. Not having a bathtub to replace a more spacious-looking bathroom may convince some buyers. Decide on having a walk-in shower instead. It will make the bathroom more spacious without trading the sophistication on the bathroom.   

3. Ditch the tub for a space to put in the sink  

Some people may get so determined in buying a home with a tub; however, something is just missing with a bathroom with no sink. Skincare is being religiously followed by both men and women today. Thus, having a tub may not be very beneficial without a sink. More than that, many people want to have a comfortable space they could haul their skincare products into without feeling cramped with the space they have. Thus, ditching the tub for a more spacious sink will be a plus for some buyers too.  

4. Get into the details not just for style but for safety as well  

Having a walk-in shower to make a bathroom spacious instead of a tub has its pros and cons. When it comes to design, you need to be very careful, especially with the flooring. Preventing slipping incidents will surely be an upside when it comes to design as well. Make sure you decide on rough or textured tiles to keep you and your family safe. Through this, you can also entice buyers with older family members who may need an extra hand in the bathroom. Add a hand bar too!   

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